Renes Service is proud to be the 1st RES service company in Greece. It was established as a result of growing demand for renewable energy products for existing and new clients. As a business we have embraced renewable energy solutions, and we recognise the value that these new innovative technologies can offer, to both our customers and the environment. Dedication, professionalism, expertise, intellectual know-how and enthusiasm are the five core elements that shape our company’s culture and support our overall vision. 


Renes Service has experience since 1998 in the renewable energy technologies industry working at height and in harsh, remote environment. The Renes Service team is committed to achieve high-quality service on time whilst exceeding safety standards at all times. Our constant quest for improvement helps us deliver a range of services designed to make your renewable energy project run as smoothly as possible. Our company delivers a discreet tailor made solution to suit your facility. 


Renes Service performs servicing, repairs, installation, maintenance, operation and reconditioning of nearly all types and sizes of wind turbines and photovoltaic modules. Furthermore, the company provides 24-hour surveillance.